Christmas 2013

The much anticipated holiday of Christmas 2013 is now all but history and it ended with my 90 year old Aunt Elizabeth having been admitted to the hospital after being frightened about the recurrence of pain that sent her to the hospital for observation just a few weeks earlier.  My cousin Maryann and I had finished breakfast and were sitting in her front room watching television with plenty of time to spare before we had to get changed from comfy stuff to our holiday outfits, go pick Aunt Elizabeth up and then drive off to Chardon to spend the rest of the day with Maryann’s older brother’s family like we did last year.  Aunt Elizabeth called Maryann and the whole day changed.  She went into high gear and drove over to her mom’s while I got organized and waited for her son, Mark to arrive so he could lock the house up and I went home.

When I arrived safely back at my home I was really sleepy so after changing into my warm comfy indoor clothes, and putting a few things away, I took a nap.  Then Maryann called me, sounding drained.  Aunt Elizabeth would stay in the hospital and they will do more testing to try to figure out exactly what is causing that pain. 

It seems a little odd to me that this has been a year of one event after another that fell flat for me – the most recent being the big snow we had on the second Saturday of December – with hazardous driving conditions and storm warnings with “disruptive” snow predicted to continue for about twenty-four hours, it was with great disappointment I decided not to add to the problems on the highways, or get myself stuck somewhere between here and Wooster causing harm to myself, anyone else, or my car, and so I stayed home and heated up some left over sausage, sweet potatoes, sauer kraut and beans for dinner while visions of salmon patties, mashed potatoes and creamed peas danced in my head, the laughter of my cousins and a glass of Christmas cheer to wash it all down faded away as the snow piled up and up.  The next day the news announced that Garfield Heights accumulated six inches of snow – only two inches less than the snow belt, a little further east of us.

I hope Aunt Elizabeth recovers so she can continue to participate with us in family gatherings.  I also hope the rest of us stay well and can manage to forge ahead.  Perhaps the keyword here is Hope so we can look forward to our next gathering with even more joy and gratitude for being together.


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