Thank you Saint Anthony

Every day I am giving my list of what I have currently misplaced, to Saint Anthony to help me to recover the lost items.  About two years ago I bought a lovely lacy doily to give to my cousin Theresa upon my next visit.  She came here before that, so I tucked the doily out of sight and hadn’t seen it since, though I made a trip to Texas twice and she was here more than that and in spite of taking almost every article out of the linen closet and anywhere else I thought I might have put it, I was not successful in finding it.  More recently I put a piece of jewelry in a different place than usual, so of course, with each subsequent hunt, no luck would let the item surface.  Sometimes I feel that things are really not misplaced, but simply that I am not supposed to see them, for reasons beyond my comprehension. 

To my complete surprise last evening when I swept my hand through a drawer that is jammed in its tracks, but I could just get my hand into it enough to try to figure out what was there and both the lost doily and the piece of jewelry came out.  I was so tickled that I put them both in places where I could easily claim them when I want them – the doily with a set of vintage pillow cases also for that cousin and the jewelry back where I knew to find it normally.  


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