Deep Rooted Happiness

Last Tuesday evening as the Zumba class emptied the gym at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on Pearl Road there was a little snow and the walks were becoming slippery.  Glenda, the instructor came out behind me and called, “You doin’ alright there, Mom?”  I stopped and turned to face her saying I was slow but moving.  She proceeded to walk me to my car at the far end of the parking slots because she didn’t want me to fall.  Perhaps that seems like a small consideration, but it made me feel cared for and for the rest of the evening I purred.  

The blessing of family and friends that I actually interact with is something I am really grateful for.  At the end of October I went down to Williamsburg to visit with my cousin Marian and her husband, Tom.  We had some activities in town, including a Ghost Walk, and she cooked many wonderful meals, but I was most grateful for having people who care about me to spend my birthday with.

On Thanksgiving Day I drove out to Cleveland Heights to spend the day with my cousin Maryann, her children, their dad, and her mom, my Aunt Elizabeth, who turned 90 earlier in the month.  Once we devoured the meal and continued sitting around the table, we discussed many things, in that comfortable way that people who have shared many meals and holidays and life experiences have of voicing our opinions and viewpoints of current events and family history.

Black Friday for me meant driving out to Columbia Station to my cousin Ray and his wife, Elaine’s home to be embraced by them and other members of her family.  If there is such a thing as true happiness in this life, it is just this – more laughter, love and hugs, talking, enjoying food prepared with great care. 

Sunday afternoon found Ramona arriving from Aurora and me driving us off to attend the Cleveland Orchestra’s Holiday Pops concert followed by a fun dinner back in the Cloverleaf area.

Tomorrow it will be a movie at Cinemark in Valley View where I’ll meet Diane who went to the same high school I attended, though a year after me – whom I met back in 2011 on the trip to Ireland.  We’ll then reconvene at a nearby restaurant, talk about the movie, current reading material, and anything else that matters.   


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