My paternal grandmother was always very interested in



My paternal grandmother was always very interested in dreams and tried to figure out what they were trying to tell us.  I don’t know what her source was for interpreting different symbols or actions, but she was very intrigued by the puzzles brought on by sleep time memories.  She came from Europe at the age of sixteen – and she died in 1975.  She would be astounded by cell phones, texting and e-mail. 

So what kind of communication was there in her generation?  Newspapers and letters of course, carried news and there was telepathy; I once heard that if one stood by a tree and wrapped his or her arms around the tree and concentrated on a message, the telepathic message would be delivered.   One dream I remember her talking about was of a girlhood beau she dreamt of in her old age and she was convinced that he had come to say goodbye to her.

My Aunt Kate (same generation) talked about a dream in which a male relative appeared to her – he was all wet.  Years later I asked my Aunt what the man said to her when she asked him why he was all wet and she said he told her he was wet from her tears.

There have been PBS programs about dreams and what science is currently thinking about the topic, yet it still seems that some dreams are so peculiar that they just leave us dumbfounded. 

My cousin Theresa called me early in the afternoon yesterday bubbling over about a dream she had the night before of me and the most unlikely setting – I was living in a mansion and having it redecorated.  I was acting with great purpose and confidence (so not me), preparing for much entertaining in the vast home, and I told her (in the dream) that my mother helped me pick out the wallpaper.  My mother has been deceased since 1991. In the dream Theresa suggested that one of the rooms was large enough to hold wedding receptions in.  I have no idea who might yet be getting married that we know of as there are a fraction of the number of young adults in the family than there were when I was a youngster.

When we recovered from our laughter I said, does this mean I am soon to die and go to heaven to a mansion, especially if my mother helped select wall treatments?  The most likely way I would have of acquiring such an elaborate residence and the command with which I was conducting the affairs of said mansion.  She said that occurred to her too and it was the only part she didn’t like. 

I called my friend, Ramona to share this amusing dream with since she also has an interest in dreams and their meanings.  She has a reference book to help her analyze the information.  When she called me back she was driving to a party so she would get back to me on what she might find in her book.    


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