First Catholic Slovak Ladies AssociationThis fraternal benefit society



First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association

This fraternal benefit society founded in 1892 which sells insurance is also in the business of caring for others.  They have an old age home where my maternal grandmother finished out her time in this dimension.  Grandma was also involved in the organization for many years, and doing just what may come to surface when my cousin Ed sends me that box full of Grandma’s stuff he’s cleared out of his dad’s home last summer.  Thing is he keeps adding more to the heap so now it sounds like at least two boxes are full so far.   FCSLA also publishes a Slovak Cookbook which has been $9.00 for at least the last twenty years – no shipping and handling charge.  I expect they don’t clear any profit, but are only trying to perpetuate the culture.  My parents must have bought a little annuity for me when I was a young child because for many years I have received a small check from them annually.   This means I am a member of the organization.  As a member, I am invited to the annual appreciation dinner which is held at the Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine on Chardon Road off of Euclid Avenue.  My Aunt Elizabeth is also a member, as the spouse of my late Uncle John.  For the last four or so years I would pick up my Aunt and we would enjoy the dinner, listen to the polka music, walk around the grounds and stop in the gift shop for a while.  They also mail out a monthly publication, Fraternally Yours.  Today Aunt Elizabeth and I enjoyed the pulled pork dinner, the music and the company.



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