H O B A N   Dominican High All


H O B A N   Dominican High All Hail!

Between the years of 1951 and 1971 Dominican nuns from Adrian, Michigan took on the task of teaching high school girls at the then state of the arts building at 17900 Harvard Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.  When the school was closed due to financial matters, the nuns went back to Michigan and the community was poorer for the school’s demise.  The building now houses a school for gifted children.

Since our 50th reunion in 2010, we looked around, thought about our classmates already gone on to the next dimension, and decided that we really need to meet more often than once in a decade.

Today we met at Creekside Restaurant in Brecksville.  Two of the ladies made all of the arrangements, sent us all letters, with meal choices and an RSVP date.  When we arrived at the restaurant our name tags and meal choice cards were all waiting and we each verified our current contact information.  About forty of us responded and close to that number actually came to this luncheon – the 50th reunion dinner only had about 20 more attendees, so we are doing well to have this many show up out of a class of 207.  Now we have met often enough we might recognize each other in a grocery store or elsewhere in our communities.  Laughing and chatting, taking pictures, sharing a meal, we miss those who are gone and those who could not attend. We part having reinforced our sisterhood, each returning to her place in the big puzzle of life.


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