Wake! For the sun has scattered into flight The stars before him in a field of light… Rubaiyat of Omar Khayym

The Historian, author, teacher, and now publisher, Richard Dolan, spoke eloquently at the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) of Ohio, Conference in Ashland, Ohio yesterday.  He is reachable at keyholepublishing.com and beginning this midweek at richarddolanpress.com. He wonders how long our society will continue to be ZOMBIEFIED by all the distractions through which we are lulled into complacency, day after day. We turn on our televisions and see dancing, singing, a heavy dose of murder mysteries, much laughter by news anchors, a few items of news repeated again and again throughout the viewing hours.  On BBC, RT news and PBS news, one might be surprised to find that in the rest of the world, quite a bit else is going on.  One day this past week, I did hear a bit of “news” on one of our standard channels that was actually reported on BBC the day before.  Why are we being distracted from reality and being spoon fed all the foolishness on the three regular channels?  Mr. Dolan went on to say that if the format remains the same, people are comforted thinking nothing has changed and it is business as usual.  In fact everything has changed, but it is dished out in the same old format.  For example he said, if a man fell dead on the road, passersby would say, “…Oh, he is in the same clothes he had on yesterday, so he must be fine.”  So we think that because there is a figurehead, as president, there is congress and a senate, that it is business as usual, but this is not the same government our forefathers carved out for us.

Perhaps you wonder how this topic leads into anything about unidentified objects flying around in our skies.  His last book co-authored by Bryce Zabel is titled, A.D.  After Disclosure, which is what the world may be like once truth is told about the presence of others among us.  I look forward to reading it.


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