Khan, defined as any of the medieval emperors

 Khan, defined as any of the medieval emperors of China who also ruled the Tartar, Turkish and Mongol tribes, according the Macmillan Dictionary I bought when my children were in elementary school.  No mistake in naming the nemesis of James Kirk in the current Star Trek movie.  This spectacular film exploded through the galaxies hinting by name only that the ruthless evil one named Khan might be a many generations removed, descendant of Genghis Khan, 1206-1227, who tore across Asia and Eastern Europe with equal ferocity.

To my delight, a few of the young actors in this new movie bear some resemblance to the original cast of characters.  Whether that is as much due to voice study, make up or other artifices, it works well.  As in other variations of the great battle of good against evil, good takes its licks, but eventually wins out.


If Walt Disney (my dad used to refer to him as Walter) could see the evolution of animation to the Pixar creations we enjoy today, I believe he would be astonished.  Epic was an excellent example of the strides made in this field.  I would class it right up there with Avatar.


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