Ode to the Buckeye treeOh Appalachian Buckeye Tree,towering

Ode to the Buckeye tree

Oh Appalachian Buckeye Tree,

towering O’er rooftops on your street

your shadow cools all beneath your boughs

in the scorching summer heat.


Clusters of white blossoms are the beautiful

beginnings of your autumnal fruit,

mahogany colored buckeyes,

feed the night scavengers, become the seeds

for the next generation of your kind.


Like the other giants waving branches of greenery,

you add oxygen to heavily polluted air,

drink up excess rainfall to prevent flooding.


Highly manicured developments have

ceased to include all seed dropping trees

in the name of neatness, Buckeye, Catalpa,

and Sycamore trees are living fossils of our past.


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